Saturday, September 23, 2006

How to get top grades consistently this semester!

Many people ask me what it took for me to get a first class degree at undergraduate level, and then distinction at Masters level.
Because these aren't run of the mill results!
But, what suprises them even more is that I was getting these results week in week out.
Sure, every so often, I might have a little blip and - as I've written about previously - I'd use this as an opportunity to renew my efforts and refocus my ideas. However, most of the time....and I'd estimate 95% of the time...I was getting marks in the top bracket - that means first class or distinction level grades.
Now, when people heard this they were amazed.
At first others acted like I should feel a little guilty. Like who are you to be getting great grades anyway? And, I have to say, for a while I did feel guilty too.
However, an amazing transformation occurred within me when I realised that there was something special about me...and there's something special about you see to get outstanding academic results - fantastic firsts and deadly distinctions - you don't have to do anything...other than get out of the way of your old ways of thinking and attitutudes about success.
By letting go of your old beliefs, and allowing your self to enter the zone (or the flow state as some call it) you may well find that you too can achieve consistently impressive results. Now, wouldn't that be something?!
Well, the good news is, I'm just putting the finishing touches to my new book. And, guess what?! It could be yours to own very soon.
So stay tuned, and be prepared to make this semester the best one of your life!
Yours in outstanding academic success
The University Dean

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Imagine where could great grades take you!

If you can achieve great grades - genius grades even - then who knows where life can take you!

Where would you go if you could get grade grades? Grades so powerful and impressive that when others look at your achievements, they know that they are talking to someone who has mastered their subject...and more importantly themselves.

Getting great grades is important for many reasons. But regardless of the high paying jobs that might come your way - or the downright awe and admiration shown to you from your friends and colleagues - the real power that great grades bring is an increased belief and trust in yourself.

Quite simply, When you believe in yourself, what once would have seemed like magic could suddenly happen daily! Life could become easier. Easier in relating to others. Easier in getting things done. Easier in making money. And, easier in simply being at ease. Imagine that - a life of happiness, comfort and ease!

In my forthcoming book, I talk in detail about the power of focus, imagination and desire. Just imagine now, if you had that book. And, imagine if you only tried out just one or two techniques...and you found that they worked! How magical an experience could that be for you!

So stay tuned, because this semester is only just beginning. And, you could well be on your way to achieving genius grades!

Until next time.

The University Dean

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Why should you be thankful for bad grades?

One of the biggest secrets to success in any endeavor is thankfullness, or gratitude - even for things that you might not want right now. And, no doubt about it, that even includes any bad grades you might have got on an important test.

You see, I found that when I changed my mind set to one of prosperity and gratitude, all of a sudden I was a lot more at ease with myself and - as a result - my performance drastically improved.

Bad grades are great. They give you an indication that something you've done isnt't working. They also tell you where you need to grow and improve as a person, and they tell you that you will soon be feeling the thrill of excitement as you have found a new area for pushing yourself beyond your old artificial limits.

So be thankful. Thank the world for sending everything it gives you your way. Because through your unique experiences, you will become a better person and the challenges you receive will toughen you up, so that the next time it really matters, you know you will matter too.

If you want to know more about the law of thankfulness and how I found it could change my grades for the better be sure to order my forthcoming book! If this method worked for me, it could just work for you too.

Class dismissed.

The University Dean

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

How active is your imagination?

Did you know that one of the keys to outstanding academic success I discovered on my way to a First Class degree and distinction at masters level is that imagination is one of your greatest allies?

Through using your imagination, you can work to build a brighter future for yourself...and better grades in the process!

You see my personal experience taught me that through imagining better results, results that were wildly in excess of anything I ever achieved before, even exceptionally good grades seemed so much easier to come by.

This is because I stretched my mind. And, like an elastic band, once it is stretched it never returns to its previous limits.

If this has got you excited, and begging to know more, then you can read more about this fascinating phenomenon in my forthcoming book, and personal learning course!

Until next time. Class dismissed.

The University Dean

Monday, September 18, 2006

From failure and frustration to outstanding academic success with positive thinking

In yesterday's post, I touched on the idea of having the right mind set or mental attitude to get that straight A, or first class degree.

When people first here about having the right mind set, they often scoff at the power of this simple truth. After all, everyone's tried positive thinking at some time. And, many times this has led to failure and frustration.

From my experience, the failure and frustration comes not from positive thinking, but from it's incorrect application...and consequently not understanding what positive thinking really is!

Imagine, if you could crack the code to positive thinking - so that you could use this great skill to powerful effect...and to guide you to outstanding academic success!

That one skill could transform your life - not just in your studies, but in your personal and professional life too. And, what's more you can learn more about my ideas on this in my breakthrough forthcoming book. So, stay tuned to find out more!

The University Dean

Ps: Just came across an article you might just like today - it's a wikihow to titled "How to Excel in High School". I think the tips apply to any form of study, so if you're interested, be sure to check it out! Here's the link:

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Welcome to Underground Uni!

Welcome to Underground Uni - where I will be revealing the world's greatest secrets for outstanding academic success!

This blog, and my forthcoming book and personal learning course, will blow the the lid on how I achieved oustanding academic success...and, more importantly, how you can too!

You see, outstanding academic success isn't about natural talent, or simply working harder than everybody else. It's about developing the right mind set, so that when you approach any task, assignment or exam, you know that you will achieve...because you are thinking in the right way!

When I discovered this little known secret, I was on the way to discovering even more success secrets, all of which led to even bigger and better things for me. And, all of which I will now be revealing to you!

Please feel free to write me for issues you wish to address in my blog, or with feedback about my new book once it is published.

I'm personally excited for the journey you are about to embark on, because I know how much the material I am about to share with you transformed my life. And, who knows, it might just transform yours too!

Yours in outstanding academic success

The University Dean